4-8 August



International Youth Convention 2021

After a long time, finally, Austria is hosting the next International Youth Convention

We are pleased to announce some updates in regards to the long-planned International Youth Convention. After a delay due to the pandemic, we are happy to announce now that the IYC 2021 will take place, but with new dates. Given the current circumstances, we had to reduce the duration of the conference to half of it’s original duration so the new dates now are 4-8 August 2021. 

Taking into account the Austrian Covid measures, we hope for a blessed and beautiful time together. Please register as soon as possible, but before the 20 June 2021, as there are limited places available due to the Covid regulations. Let us pray that IYC 2021 may be a blessing for all attending.

Entry Regulations for Austria

What are the current travel conditions?

New entry rules have been in effect since 19 May, and travellers from listed countries are now able to travel to Austria for holidays again.

All travellers need to obtain pre-travel clearance before travelling to Austria and show either a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination/past infection upon entry. Travellers from certain countries with low incidence rates will no longer need to self-isolate.

Please check the link below for more details and up to date information.


Arrival Information

How can I get there?

For those of you who are travelling from overseas or arriving by plane there are several airports that you can choose from.

  1. Innsbruck International Airport – 20 minutes drive away
  2. Munich International Airport – 2 hours drive away
  3. Zürich International Airport – 3 hours drive away
  4. Vienna International Airport – 5.5 hours drive away
  5. Frankfurt International Airport – 6 hours away

For those arriving by car the address of the venue is: Hotel Olympia’64, Axamer Lizum 2, 6094 Axams, Austria

Venue Information

Hotel Olympia’ 64

If there is a picturesque region in Austria, Tirol is the place. We are so excited that by the grace of God we were able to secure this venue, that is not only set in this beautiful part of the world but offers all the facilities an international youth convention needs.

The venue being a hotel offers a variety of comfortable rooms, along with balconies and breathtaking views.

The Location of the Venue

This is where the IYC 2021 will take place

For those arriving by car the address of the venue is: Hotel Olympia ’64, Axamer Lizum 2, 6094 Axams, Österreich

Please note: that all Austrian freeways require purchase of vignette (toll sticker) for passenger cars up to 3.5 tonnes prior to entering upon. Vignettes are available in varying lengths of validity 10 days, two months, or a year and can be purchase prior or immediately after entering through the border into Austria.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Program Information

What you will do for the week

Currently we are working on planning the program however we can tell you what roughly you can expect:

  1. Morning and evening worships
  2. Different workshops
  3. Presentations by different guest speakers
  4. Outings
  5. Team building activities

If you have any ideas that you would like us to incorporate in the program we still have time to do that. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this by writing to on the contact us page. We would love to hear from you.

Outings Information

We’ve got this covered also

We have individuals with many years of climbing and hiking experience. Don’t worry we will make sure you will go home with an experience you will never forget. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing/shoes for hikes and walks.

If you are not much of a hiker we have you covered. We are planning something that will take your breath away. In any case please check back or subscribe so we can update you with more information as it becomes available.

Guest Speakers

We are working on this too

Apart from the General Conference Youth Department Leader Br Adrian Finaru and the European Regional Secretary for the General Conference, we are working on inviting speakers who will make the program more inspiring and hopefully will take you closer to God.

What will my room look like?

We took some photos so you don’t have to wonder

When traveling to conferences, many times we try to imagine what our room will look like; will we need to bring our own bedding or toiletries?

Well, we are happy to provide you with all that information. As this is a hotel all toiletries and bedding are included. You will need to bring your own supplies, such as toothbrush and toothpaste and other personal items you may need.

Registration closes soon!