We have worked really hard to make the prices as low as we could. This means we are barely covering the costs of hiring the venue and food. We trust God and go on in faith.

We also realise that even with these prices there will be some who will genuinely not be able to afford to come. We would like to give them a chance also to benefit from the blessings through attending this Youth Convention. This is where your donations come in to help.

The entire amount of your donations will be going to support those who would like to come but are in such a financial situation that cannot come. Your donation will be used to cover part of their accommodation and food costs.

Thank you for supporting our worldwide youth to be able to attend.

The IYC2021 Organising Team


Quite often we receive e-mails from young people all around the world who express that they would like to come but unfortunately financially cannot fully afford the cost of travel as well as the accommodation fees.

We are keeping a list of e-mail addresses for these people so when we have enough funds we can contact them and let them know that your donation is making it possible for them to attend. They pay the travel and some of the accommodation costs and your donation is paying the rest.

We will be distributing the funds equally to all who require assistance. On the 20 June 2021 after registration closes we will be contacting these young people and hoping to arrange for them to be able to come. So, please donate before the 20 June 2021.

Thank you for your donations.

The IYC2021 Organising Team

Registration closes soon!